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The volcano effect

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Do you suffer from volcano aversion? Then treat youself with our riding holiday offer.

The volcano's ash cloud billowing

As the vast majority of the world is all too aware… last Wednesday by the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier (a volcano 70miles east of Iceland’s capitol Reykjavik) erupted and tore a kilometre long fissure in the ice, spouting lava one hundred metres into the sky. This eruption caused over six hundred residents of Southern Iceland to be evacuated from their homes, but the knock on effects went on to be an extremely pricey affair.

This happend last Wednesday and today is the 20th of Apirl, Tuesday 2010. It is about to be one week since the blast that put Europe on hold first appeared on the global radar, but flights are still halted in England and a few other countries mainly residing on the continent. It is estimated that this eruption has cost the British economy alone £1.5 billion pounds. This will put a heafty strain on Gordon’s economic recovery plan during his final days as Prime Minister in addition to the minisucle chances he wouldn’t be further damaging the country in the first place.

So all in all we are not in tip-top shape. But the grass is always greener on the other side…

What can I do to help? I often ask myself the same question as I just put forward. The answer will set your eyes rolling but well, here we are… on the Official Blog of Equestrian Escapes. With flights indefinitly postponed and the economy sufferering every minute of the way the most positive solution would be to treat this period of time as a little time-out for England. Mother natures way of saying, you haven’t been behaving yourselves recently England. You’ve been a naughty country, so learn to get on and help each other out. So lets spend some money within the British Isles. Get out, go to the butcher, buy some fine meat. Go to the shops, buy some nice wine and have a good meal with the family. Rent a movie, better yet go to the cinema. Can’t make orange Wednesdays? Pay an extra three pounds for a standard ticket. No drama. And now to the crucible of the article… why not go on a Horse Riding Holiday?

Really though, why not? I take by the fact you’re reading this that you have an interest in a horse riding holiday, the news, or at the very least, horses. If you don’t have that much spare cash… fear not once more! We offer great little getaways throughout England, Wales and Ireland. Experience a riding holiday in UK. Wherever you are, you aren’t to far to go riding in the sun and kick back for a good meal and eighty pages of your latest novel. Treat yourself, better yet treat your wife and kids, or mum and daughter. Whoever, wherever a riding holiday is for someone you’re close to so get them on the case.

Deep in Delamere Forest lies a Log Cabin

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Upon my recent discovery of a delightful Log Cabin nestled away in the forest (not so far from my very own home) in the stunning Cheshire Countryside, I jumped with joy! Utterly elated I began designing a brand new itinerary with with which I planned to further broaden Equestrian Escapes’ overall list of destinations. Now, although this hot new discovery is not to far to fly from the nest, I really believe that it does not detract from either its beauty, nor its quiet nature. This is a true UK Riding Holiday.

Did I mention the Jaccuzi?

Soak up after a hard days riding

As with the vast majority of Equestrian Escapes’ holidays, this one is nice and flexible. You could go for our reccomended week in the woods, or if it suits you better… just specify a long weekend, short mid-week break or whatever else takes your fancy!

It’s self catering, so the food is down to you. But this is a positive thing, especially when you plan on taking your children, as many families do decide with their riding holidays today. As we all know, even the best kids can be fussy towards a “posh” meal in a nice restaurant, as their palates are still developing. So dodge the bullet if you know it’s coming and cook all their favourites! And most importantly mum and dad, remember to take it in turns cooking. A holiday is for everyone, and so you must be considerate, this is the nature of good Family Riding Holidays.

Time to dine

Once you have enjoyed one of our holidays we would very much so like to hear about your experiences. Grateful customers often contact us just to let us know how their holiday was. See how Happy Horse Riders Compliment Their Favourite Tour Operator, Equestrian Escapes.

More reasons to enjoy a riding holiday in Cheshire

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

When you are looking at possible dates for your horse riding holiday in Cheshire we thought you may like to consider coinciding your trip with one of the following equestrian events:

  • Kelsall One Day Event 17 – 18 April or 25 – 26 Sept 2010 for a day of dressage, show jumping and cross country competition.
  • Cheshire Agricultural Show June 22-23 2010
  • Chester British Masters Show Jumping  02 – 04 July 2010
  • Bolesworth Castle Show Jumping Classic 15 – 18 July 2010
  • Nantwich Show Wed 29 July

Or if you fancy an internationally renowned equestrian event, and travelling abroad, check out the Jerez Feria, a massive horse fair in spain.

Alternatively, if you fancy a relaxing weekend or week long break in a relaxation overload, accompanied with riding daily and the freedom of a self catering cottage in a lovely little cheshire town, have a look at the Self Catering Cottage – Destination Relaxation.

Self Catering Cottage – Destination Relaxation

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
The cosy dining room

Inside the cottage

Some people might look at the words self catering and think, Cook for myself? I however, take pride in my culinary skills and jump at the chance to prove my ability in the kitchen. That and the fact that I can eat whatever I desire. No holds barred, self indulgence. This was one of the key factors in which holiday I was to choose because I knew what I wanted. Often I holiday in southern spain and sometimes I venture futher, Florida, Peru. But this time I decided the key to pure unfiltered relaxation is stick to what you know best. That and of course the oh so necessary change of scene which I had been internally craving for quite some time.

So, the decision was made. One week in the cheshire countryside, for Relaxation, Reading, a couple of good movies and lets not forget what’s best! During my seven nights stay, five hacks out in the nearby countryside. And five riding lessons to improve my already admirable (if I must say so, and I must) cunning competance in the equine department.

The Cottage

The outside of the cottage is a subtle hint of the inner beauty

The day I arrived in Cheshire I alighted from the train in Crewe Station and took a taxi to the delightful village of Tarvin. Upon arriving I dropped my bags off at the cottage I was so dying to inspect and went for a quick pub dinner accompanied my a smooth pint of the local larger, Cheshire Cat. After what wasn’t a hard day of travelling and eating I returned to my new housing and settled right in. The cotage is, to say the very least, a beautiful little corner of the world. I popped my shoes off and made myself extremely comfy whilst browsing the video library. Embarrasing as it is I must admit that I haven’t yet got the hang of those new DVD players.

After a good sleep I nipped out to the shops and collected a haul of foods to last me the duration of my stay. The shopping list included, one cake (a slice of self indulgence), bananas, apples, some bran flakes and a few baskets of everything that appeared in my minds eye as I browsed. I stocked up on energy in the form of a hearty full English breakfast and proceeded the short distance to the stables for my first lesson. They were very kind at the stables and really made me feel at ease. I was introduced to my steed, a fine creature of a particularly muscular disposition. And after a speedy briefing, off I went! I can tell you this, I have never ridden in Cheshire before. But I most certainly will ride there again. What more could a man want than a beautiful place to ride a steed, with the wind on his face and a canter of pace! I will confess to indulging my poetic side in the form of many a scribble whilst, as my grandchildren say these days “kicking back”. I’m not quite sure what the kicking is a reference to exactly, probably some rap pop song of sorts. But I can assure you that this holiday kicks lots of back! (Fear not, the horses don’t kick)

A cosy garden

David Payne was asked by the staff at Equestrian Escapes to relive his glory days as a wordsmith and write a short article on his recent Riding Holidays. He kindly delivered this insightful article the day he was due to depart Cheshire (as we are based a five minute drive from Tarvin).

The holiday Mr Payne enjoyed so much was the extended Horse Riding Weekend in the lovely village of Tarvin, Cheshire.

If however you would like to set your sights much further away from home, expand your horizons and ride the unspoilt beaches of Portugal, or try a Medieval Castle Tour. These holidays are prime examples of the fine Horseback Riding Vacations that Equestrian Escapes offers.

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New Year Horse Riding News 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

In the run up to Christmas we have been working very hard at increasing our range of products. Our UK portfolio now offers additional tours in Berkshire, including riding in the Windsor Great Park. You will be staying in a relaxing Spa hotel where you can treat yourself to a massage or a swim in the hotel pool. Another new UK break takes you to Shropshire where you can follow in the footsteps of the legendary horseman Jack Mytton through spectacular riding country. Also Ride the unspoilt beaches of Portugal, Brand New 2010.

Jumping is a fantastic pastime

A nice day for jumping

Our full list of UK riding breaks is now quite extensive and there is something for everyone whatever your level of riding. We can offer tuition, scenic hacks, beach riding or any combination.

If the UK weather is getting you down we have also added new tours to our European list. Why not have a look at a break in the sunny Andalucian region of Spain, Riding Holidays Andalucia. We can design a bespoke tour to meet your individual requirements or one of our set itineraries may catch your eye…

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Spend Your 52 Weekends Wisely

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The first Sunday Times of 2010 proudly recommended how it’s readers should make the very most of their few and far between Weekends this year! With exciting breaks lined through all the seasons, Equestrian Escapes Riding Holidays acheived a warm spot in the beggining of August. 

The 6th – 8th was set aside for our Shropshire Riding Break, a hack along the long-distance bridleway named after a local horse fanatic, the infamous Mad Jack Mytton. The Eloquent Shropshire Weekend is Equestrian Escapes very own custom tailored weekend break in which you can ride the very same bridleway. 

This serves as a good example of the  standard that Equestrian Escapes offers. With over 60 breaks available and more on their way, check out our Sitemap for Horse Riding Holidays that will suit you.

An Interesting Tale

Mad Jack famously won a bet by riding into a respected hotel in Leamington Spa, the Bedford Hotel. He rode up the grand staircase, onto the balcony and jumped, clinging to his steed for dear life, over the diners enjoying their meals in the restaurant below and through a window back onto the street. 

Mad Jack Mytton

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2010 – A Snowy English Countryside Ride

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

A happy new year to all! I decided given the quaint and silent beauty of the snow, that is to say in my neighborhood of England (the lovely Cheshire), that I would once again brave the elements with my most capable and favourite companion Alfozo. Alfonzo is a shire horse, the extra weight gives him that extra edge in the sometimes icey and devious snow. His mane is a beautiful chesnut brown and all over his muscular body he is riddled with patches of beige.

It wasn’t untill we were a full half hour away from our delightfull country base that I felt the -8°C chill down the back of my neck that the crystal clear image of a steaming hot chocolate warmed my very soul. With a click and gentle tug on the reins Alfonzo began to take his indecisive passanger home, however he did so happily, not attemting to guilt trip his oldest friend. Willington Hall, a beautiful country house hotel deep in the heart of cheshire is far from the hustle and bustle of many a Brits everyday life. Memories of a warm Tuscany, prompted by the big chill… are however quite the contrast to this snowy excursion

A snowy country road (on horseback)

Needless to say I’ll be advising my closest, nearest and dearest to enjoy Riding Holidays Cheshire specificly! This is available as a package from Equestrian Escapes.

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