Riding Horses

One of the things that is often on peoples ‘must do’ list is to have a go at riding horses.

Most children dream about riding ponies and if they don’t get the chance whilst they are young they often think they have left it too late. This is not the case, even if you have never had the chance of horse riding before we can give you the opportunity to make that experience a reality.

We can offer you the chance to have some riding lessons, riding our safe, willing schoolmasters and learn a few basics from our experienced instructors. You will often start riding horses in the arena where you will get to know your horse which will have been carefully selected and matched to you. You will learn how to start and stop and then progress from walk to a slow trot. Later you will have the chance to gently ride out into the local countryside, taking in amazing scenery often not accessible otherwise. All to soon it will be time to go home and dream about your next trip riding horses.

For pony mad children why not join us for our pony for the day. Enjoy some lessons riding your pony and get to know a few stable management basics. Whilst enjoying your day you will also have the chance to meet other children also experiencing the magic of pony riding.

Alot of us dream about riding horses on a beach and in the sea. Equestrian Escapes can help you realise that dream whatever your riding ability. Horses love the freedom the beach offers and their enjoyment is catching. The scenery that is viewed whilst riding horses is breathtaking and the experience will be unforgetable.

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