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In an office full of equestrian experts it only seems right that we should be relaying our equestrian knowledge back to you and as such we have designed a light hearted and informative A to Z of horse related articles. We will be posting two articles a week to our ‘horse riding articles’ page which you will be able to read through as and when you please. So far we have written articles A – F, D and E are to be published next week! We start with ‘A is for Aids’. This article details the true aids which are generally considered to include the voice, hands, legs and seat. Artificial aids include whips or spurs. We then continue onto ‘B is for Bits’ where we explain the function of the widely used bit, the snaffle.  ‘C is for Canter’. In this article we go into detail about the sequence of footfalls in all three gaits, walk trot and canter.

 All of our equestrian experts are chomping at the bit to offer you advice and expertise about all things equestrian and we hope that you will find our new horse riding articles page informative and interesting. Keep an eye out over the winter months for the complete A to Z of equestrian facts designed to increase your knowledge of the horse world.



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