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What riding clothes to wear on my riding holiday?

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I think Winter is definitely nearly here, everyone is starting to talk about the dark nights and cold wet weather. Lots of people are thinking about where they are going on holiday and when and if they are going on a riding holiday they need to know what riding gear they need.

This week i have had a number of people enquiring about what specialist riding clothes they need to be packing for their riding holidays and if they haven’t got them already they have added ‘clothes for riding’ onto their Christmas lists,(husbands, boyfriends and parents please take notes!)

The most important things are to be safe and comfortable in your riding clothes. When travelling to warmer destinations for your riding holiday we recommend that natural fabrics like cotton are always the best riding kit. For riding, nothing beats the comfort and protection of breeches or jodphurs but if you don’t already own a pair, cotton trousers or leggings are ok. Tops should offer some protection from the sun and low hanging branches on the trail rides. If you are travelling in the Winter or cooler months it is good to bring tops that you can wear in layers depending on the temperature. Short boots with a small heal are suitable footwear and a lightweight waterproof coat just in case! Some people also find it is useful to have a lightweight pair of riding gloves to protect their hands.

If you are thinking of purchasing riding clothes for your riding holiday there are plenty of places to go depending on your budget. To get a good idea of what riding clothes are available i suggest you have a look on the internet first. This is also a good place to find a local tack shop which sells riding clothes too. When buying jodphurs or riding boots it’s always good to try on a few different makes and styles to see which ones you find most comfortable. There are lots of different colours and shapes of equestrian clothes to suit all tastes, the only problem will be choosing which horse clothes you need now!

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