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Horse Orphanage

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

On the outskirts of Florence, Italy, there is an orphanage specifically for old police horses that have been abused or damaged in some way.  Some are very very old, some very young, but they all share in their bad abuse.  Never have I seen horses in such poor condition!  Horses respect us as man, but here it is very evident that man does not respect these poor brutes.  Some had been abandoned in stables where glass and nails peppered the floor, and they were left to stand in their own faeces for days with no food or water.  Others had been whipped so violently that large scars marked their hair as if they had been branded.

But the horse that sticks out most firmly in my mind was a little dappled grey that was missing an ear and had a long white scar down his nose.  There had been a riot some years before where the police horses had been caught right in the middle of it, and at a large disadvantage.  One of the rebels had taken out a long penknife to try to scare the police away.  He slashed at them without thinking, and cut deep into the horses nose.  With this, the police horses stepped back somewhat and tried to escape.  Looking down at himself, the protester had seen blood on the knife and saw what he had done.  Seeing the police scare and back off a little, he reached up to the horse and in one fierce sweep he slashed the dappled grey ear off, causing the horse to fly up and the policeman to come out of the saddle.

The policeman survived, and set up this home for poorly treated and retired police horses, and to this day he swears he will dedicate the rest of his life to these horses.

Be sure to check out Equestrian Escapes’ chosen horse charity, The Brooke.

Equestrian Charity

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The Brooke horse and donkey charity works to save hardworking animals, and the communities that depend on them.  First launched in Cairo, the Brooke charity has grown, and now prevents the suffering of over 700,000 animals a year.  Such a charity needs all the support available, and relies on people like you to give generously to this very special cause. 

Why is this charity so special?

Their commitment.  Brooke charity realise the relevance of these animals to those who cannot afford other modes of transport, and need these animals to support their own families.  They are used in the transportation of water and building materials, much of which is done over harsh terrain.  These communities clearly love these animals and rely on them entirely, but simply cannot afford them the care that they need.  With very little money for their families, the horses come a close second on their list of priorities.  At Brooke, the horses come first, to provide them with the care that these communities cannot give them. 

What extent of care is given to the animals, AND the communities?

Through the charity, communities are educated in general care of their horses.  For example, in remote areas people believe in painful myths to cure the animals, which do more damage than good.  The Brooke charity work to stop these ‘cures’, and teach simple methods of avoiding lameness and other everyday problems such as exhaustion, malnutrition and dehydration.  Taking care of the horse means taking care of the community.  Extensive training is given to the animal’s owners, for example farriers, saddlers and feed sellers.  What the Brooke charity have also taken into consideration is that through helping these animals, and teaching people about them, one can bring communities together through their work.

Where will my money end up?

The money goes where it is needed, and it shows.  Today, the Brooke charity reaches communities in Egypt, Kenya, Nepal, Israel and the West Bank, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Jordan and Guatemala. Indirectly, the money goes to these poor communities who rely on these donkeys, horses and mules for their living.  A healthy animal results in a healthy income, whereby the community can then take care of both the people and the animals

Who are the people working for Brooke?

These people recognise the importance of these animals for communities.  They also strongly believe in the animal’s rights, and its value.  These people are well trained vets, ambulance teams, blacksmiths, community workers, but most importantly animal lovers!  Each horse, mule or donkey is treated with individual care to meet its needs.  These people then help to raise awareness and the level of welfare within communities, but we need your help too.

How do I donate?

You can visit The Brooke via the Equestrian Charity link below.  The Brooke charity is a prestigious and valuable society that has been recognised for its dedication.  That is why, at Equestrian Escapes we ask you to donate one pound to the Brooke charity, and for every pound we will match it.  Like many animal lovers out there, we value these animals and feel that they are entitled to a better way of life, and for the communities that rely on them, a better standard of living.  Go to Equestrian Charity to donate now, alternatively just contact us.  Thank you!

 “Working to help horses, donkeys and mules – and the poor families who depend on them”

Donkey trouble

The girls hear how this donkey was involved in a road accident but is now making a full recovery thanks to the Brooke

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