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Is it fair to have just one horse?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

You may have seen our recent Facebook post ‘horses are like chocolates you can’t have just one’. We asked our followers whether this statement was true and were completely overwhelmed by the response we had! Stories about how many horses you all owned came flooding in thick and fast and we found it so hard to pick our favourite that we ended up with three winners! It has made us think though, is it fair to have just one horse?

When we make the decision to buy or re-home a cat or a dog we don’t automatically think ‘he/she might get lonely, I must get two’. The same applies with a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. But it seems different with a horse. Why?

In Switzerland you can’t have ‘just one’. You must have more than one horse kept together or the government will come along and remove your horse into their care. This ensures that horses are kept in a more social environment, a way of putting the horse’s interests first.

Out of the 300 comments that we received on our Facebook post our three winning stories came from the following equestrian enthusiasts and horse lovers!

“My daughter (she’s 21! ) rescued an appi gelding and he is the whole world to her she was asked to take on a little spotted mare too and said yes! Then she took on another rescue cob ! And believe it or not rescued an old mare which was losing the fight for life! So we have four all rescues all very different but they all mean so much to us and they will all live the rest if their lives happy and healthy xxx”

“Ok on behalf of my daughter niamh who is now 12 . Nearly 13
Niamh had Alot of problems with mixing with other children at nursery then at school but she loved animals esp horses she has a few lessons then we looked to get one on loan. We advertised and after a good few months found jubilee. He was 25 then but still jumping etc . He became her best friend and she suddenly had lots to tell her peers etc at school . She was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and peoples thoughts feelings and meanings were a mystery to her but not jubilee. She understood him .. They became a fantastic team soon he taught her how to ride really well and through shows and gymkhana she overcame lots of social problems. We owe him so much he is now 32 and still does some showing bringing home ribbons everytime . He follows niamh round like a dog and my grandson now rides him occasionally as niamh now has a 15hh mare Cleo who she also loves to bits but everyone will always have a special place for jubilee he gave niamh a life. . Of course I then got my own horse to ride with niamh. .called nova who after losing my dad n my brother close together gave me a reason to get up n keep smiling .. precious gifts horses are xxxx”

“Had one…. Got bought another as a wedding present as first one getting older and retiring, 2nd one very soon went lame and ended surgery, rescued another so I could ride…. She turned out to have health issues, moved yards to my own ace (fatal) and took a pony with me who was 3rd ones best friend and YO didn’t want any more…. Then got offered another rescue that owner didn’t want…. Now upto 5….. Was then given another as a house warming present (another rescue)…. This one was only little and needed a friend so another rescue arrived!! Then decided I needed another that I could actually ride properly so bought a nice youngster…. He has since bust 5 ligaments in his leg so no more riding for him….. So I then had to get another youngster!! Phew….. Currently have 7 of them…. Lost 2 due to old age.”

Having read some of the comments above what do you think? Is it fair to have just one horse? If you would like to buy one of our fine bone china mugs please contact us at £5 plus £2.50 p&p. They make lovely stocking fillers.


Tack Guru – New Product Review Site Makes Comparison Shopping for Equestrians Easier Than Ever Before

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 is a new product review website developed for equestrians. The site allows horse owners to read about the experiences (good and bad) that other knowledgeable equestrians have had with the products they want to buy or try. The site includes reviews for tack, horse clothing, equine feeds, stable supplies, supplements, and equestrian clothing and equipment.

“In today’s tight economy every purchase that you make for your horse undergoes extra scrutiny,” explained site developer Liz Goldsmith. “If I want to buy a saddle, or try a supplement or medication, or buy a helmet, I find it very helpful to read about others’ experiences. When I looked for a site that offered this type of information, I couldn’t find anything that was like I envisioned. Either the scope was limited or the reviews were on manufacturers or tack store sites, which might be biased.

“Research shows that user reviews have the greatest influence in a buying decision,” she continued. “People value the opinions of their peers even more than single reviews by ‘experts.’ That makes quite a bit of sense because with items such a saddles, personal preference plays a large role in someone’s satisfaction.”

Goldsmith spent more than a year researching review sites and thinking about how she could make a site that offered a unique perspective. “I looked at review sites across many different industries and cherry picked the features that I thought were most compelling,” she explained. “I also found that people on equine forums would ask for opinions on different products and I thought it would be so much more helpful if this information was organized in a way that was more accessible – easier to find, listed in one place, and with an aggregate rating.”

As a result of her research, features:

  • Rated user reviews that provide both individual comments and an overall ranking. It was important to her that you could see an aggregate “score” that spans multiple reviews.
  • A format that combines multiple reviews in a single location. She didn’t want people to have to keep “clicking” to read more reviews.
  • A broad scope of products. Rather than just focus on tack, she wanted to create a single source for the full range of products that equestrians use and need. The site addresses feeds, supplements, stable supplies, blankets, tack, equestrian clothing and even provides a place to rank on-line suppliers. is free to use but requires registration. “I have found that when people must register, the quality of their reviews is higher because the authors have some accountability,” said Goldsmith. “In addition, when you find a reviewer whose views you agree with, you want to find other products they liked or disliked.” She explained that “The site was in beta testing for several months last year and I was very impressed by the insights offered by reviewers. This is a sport where the users have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.” is physically located in Lincoln, Mass.  Site owner and developer Elizabeth Goldsmith is a life-long equestrian who has tried many of the products reviewed in the site. She encourages all equestrians to share their opinions on the products they have tried.

Equestrian Vacations and Horse Shares

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

We understand that owning your own horse can be very expensive and many of the people who travel with Equestrian Escapes don’t have their own horse. The service that we offer gives both riders and non-riders a chance to experience the reality of having their own horse whether its during a weekend break or longer. Our Adult Intensive course  combines dressage/jump lessons with hacking and stable management which gives first time horse owners a feel of what its like to own their own horse.
We have recently come across a website called Horse Shares UK, offering horse owners and first time buyers a cost effective solution to what can be a very expensive vocation. Read on for more details-

Find a horse to loan or a horse for share at Horse Shares UK. Established in 2006, Horse Shares UK is now one of the UK’s leading websites solely advertising horses loans and horse shares and attracts thousands of visitors each week. Owning a horse is a rewarding experience but can become very time consuming and costly. Often a good solution for horse owners is to have a sharer for their horse or to put their horse out on loan as an alternatively to selling. Equally, sharing a horse can be a great stepping stone towards owning a horse of your own. Browse through our horse share and loan advertisements or place your own advert with us today. Advertising on Horse Shares UK is simple, cost-effective and is guaranteed to target the right audience helping you find the perfect loan or share agreement quickly. There is also great information about loaning and sharing, including real life experiences from people that loan and share horses.
For more information visit or contact them via email.

Now Not Only Offering Equestrian Vacations!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Equestrian Escapes have branched out-

We are now not only offering a wide range of horse riding holidays spread over the whole of the UK and abroad, but also organising coach travel to 5 of the biggest music festivals!

Music Festival Holidays are a company run by students for students. We are here to offer an affordable and easy solution to getting to those hard to reach UK & European music festivals. Benicassim Festival, Hideout Festival, Outlook Festival, Snowboxx and MELT! Festival.

We will enhance your festival experience from a long weekend to a holiday you’ll never forget. We organise your festival ticket along with coach travel to the festival and stop-offs for nights out en route to the event.

We are your one port of call for organising your perfect music festival holiday!

Please contact us by calling 01829 781 860, or alternatively email where we will be happy to discuss your music festival holiday…Alternatively if a horse riding holiday is more up your street call Equestrian Escapes on 01829 781123, we’d love to speak to you about your riding holiday!

We’re on the Move…

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Dont worry your favourite horsey holiday company isn’t emigrating! Equestrian Escapes are leaving their small (but perfectly formed) little office behind and travelling all the way across the drive into our brand new beautiful one!

For the past 4 months Mike and his superb team of builders and electricians have set up camp (pretty much) at Rose Cottage and spend days upon days erecting our huge fantastic new office. Much to the delight of Hector our resident dog who has had full time ball throwers on site at his every beck and call!

On the 4th November Sarah and Lou will be hauling desks, computers and files over to the new build where we can then look forward to answering your emails and phone calls looking out over Mark’s pretty carp pond, Sarah’s well manicured gardens, and across the rolling fields where Trevor, Percey, Fan and Julio graze.

The next stage (much to Lou’s disappointment) will be for Sarah and I to decorate our new office with fairy lights and rows of tinsel in time for Christmas!

We are hoping that with the new larger office we will be able to work better and more efficiently as a team, with the newly installed computer and phone system we aim to give you the customers an even higher standard of quality customer care and service.

Our goal and Philosophy will always remain the same-

To provide a truly memorable horse riding experience designed by people who understand horse riding. This means you can book with confidence knowing we have:

* Inspected and approved the stables and the quality of the horses you will ride
* Checked the riding instructors and guides are suitably qualified and operate safely
* Assessed the rides for their quality and to match them to differing riding standards
* Checked your accommodation to ensure it meets our demanding criteria
* Carefully put together riding itineraries that are fun, exciting and challenging (for those who want to be challenged!)

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our business is our respect for horses and the value they have added to man throughout the ages. We feel the horse helps remind us of the strong link between humans and environment. In addition we recognize the benefits that horse-riding gives to individuals.

We want to be known for offering the best selection of UK horse riding holidays and abroad possible and for our customers to feel happy to recommend us to their friends and families.

Fore more information please contact Equestrian Escapes on 01829 781123 where you can speak to Sarah, Lindsey or Lou. Alternatively emal us at

Christmas Equestrian Holidays

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Stuck for Christmas present ideas?

Looking for something original, unique and guaranteed to make someone very happy?

We have the solution! Did you know that Equestrian Escapes can provide a voucher redeemable against any of our holidays?
How about providing your friends or loved ones with a horse-riding weekend of a lifetime (or at least contributing to it if that suits you better!).

Simply select a destination, contact us on 01829 781123 with the name of the person you are buying for and we will provide you with an itinerary which will make someone very happy this Christmas. Don’t worry about the dates – that can be arranged later.

On the first day of Christmas….
We have a great choice of UK destinations. Experience the delights of the English countryside in Yorkshire, Cheshire, Dartmoor and anywhere inbetween! Choose between an award winning farmhouse B&B, luxury spa hotel, log cabin or country house hotel and unwind in style. We cater for all levels of riding experience and put together riding itineraries that are fun, exciting and challenging (for those that want to be challenged!).

Mistletoe and wine?
We might not be able to organise the mistletoe but the wine we certainly can!

We can combine a riding holiday with wine tours in the Loire valley vineyards; the charming Purbeck vineyard in Dorset; Ribatejo vineyards of Lisbon or Jerez’s famous vineyards for a cultural experience you will never forget.

Magic moments….
Maybe it will be the lure of the Mediterranean coastline with its sandy beaches and hours of sun that appeals. With riding holidays in mainland Spain, Portugal, Italy and France we can cater for all levels of experience. Choose from a self catering apartment, B&B, luxury hotel or even a tipi! Match this with trail rides in the mountains, dressage lessons or that beach riding you’ve always wanted to do and you may just have your dream holiday.

Horse Article of The Day!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Some pictures just don’t need captions!

There is nothing like Mom’s lap no matter who you

This is a newborn offspring of Taskin, a

Gypsy Stallion owned by Villa Vanners of Oregon .

These pictures were taken immediately after his birth on April 6 2010.

The mare laid down, and then he trotted around and crawled right up into her lap.

Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy these pictures, lovely!

What Is A Horse? Find out in our Horse Article

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I have been researching horse articles today and came across this poem, just what is a horse? I think this describes it perfectly!

What is a horse?
A horse has eyes as dainty as a mink.
The grace is interrupted merely by a blink.
A horse is beauty.

What is a horse?
A horse is a tree in a storm that never goes down.
A horse is a weathered rock that stays around.
A horse is ancient.

What is a horse?
A horse waltzes like breeze over rivers.
She curvets and leaps like rain shivers.
A horse is a marionette.

What is a horse?
A horse is determination, that never stops flowing.
A horse is fondness, that never stops growing.
A horse is poetic power.

Equestrian Escapes, offers you the choice of some of the very best  individually created equestrian holidays in the UK and Europe. We are knowledgeable horse lovers dedicated to designing you the best possible horse riding holiday. If you would like more information about our holidays please contact us so that we can advise you. We cater for all ages and abilities, if you cannot find your perfect holiday we will tailor make a holiday especially for you.


Tel: 01829 781 123

Horse Articles – Mallorca

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims 24th October 2010!

This unique trail ride will take you high up into the stunning Tramuntana Mountains that run for about 90 kilometres from the South West to the North East of Mallorca; the range runs close to the sea and offers breathtaking views of the coastline from many of the higher peaks – what better way to absorb this amazing scenery than by horseback!

You will take the ancient pilgrim’s path, the Cami Vell de Lluc, to the Monastery at Lluc. Passing along gravel and earth tracks, through the river bed and beyond the ancient holm oak forests.

After spending the night in this beautiful old Monastery you will tack up once again and prepare for the downward journey home.
At first you will take a different route through what looks like an enchanted wood, eventually returning to a familiar landscape, down the steeper paths to the shallower inclines of the Tramuntana.

Sadly this brings you to the end of your journey but what better way to end than with a traditional Mallorcan supper of paella and a crisp chilled glass of white wine, then head back to your charming Andalucian hotel for one final night.

Please note we do have other dates available for this ride.

Get in contact with Equestrian Escapes now on 01829 781 123.

Equestrian Escapes is proud to bring you the ideal Autumn/Winter Warmer package

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Autumn and winter are readily approaching and what better place to appreciate the wonderful rusting colours of fall and the morning frost on the ground than from one of the ten uniquely decorated bedrooms in our luxury country house hotel.

The hotel stands in 17 acres of formal gardens and parkland with wonderful views across the Cheshire countryside towards the Welsh mountains – an ideal touring base for Chester and North Wales and a perfect pre-Christmas romantic setting!

We’re offering a two night stay in this beautiful country house hotel, four riding opportunities and a free beauty treatment all for £265. The perfect birthday or Christmas present!

During your stay you will enjoy expert tuition and wonderful riding out along picturesque bridleways of Delamere forest. These holidays are suitable for all abilities and ages.

The on-site beauty therapy suite offers a wide range of treatments including non-surgical and surgical treatments. Our favourites include the spiritual healing hand ritual – a combination of a deluxe manicure with an energy boosting massage, ideal therapy for your hands after a long days riding. And the back neck and shoulder massage to sooth those aching muscles.

The famous Roman walled City of Chester is only fifteen minutes away. Packed with culture and its magical magpie buildings it’s an abundance of character and is a place not to be missed when visiting Cheshire. From the 12th November the streets are lit up making Chester the ideal place to do your Christmas shopping and soak up the festive atmosphere.

This holiday offer lasts until the 23rd December, so get in contact with Equestrian Escapes now on 01829 781 123 autumn/winter horse riding holiday in Cheshire! The free beauty treatment only applies to booking made Monday to Friday, offer excludes weekends.

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