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Andalucia, Long Stay Horse Riding Holiday Adventures

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

What is so wonderful about Andalucia is the extent of riding available here.  The famous Andalucian Horse has spectacularly encouraged the horsey world in Spain for years and years.  But today, Equestrian Escapes are happy to offer you a wonderful selection of horse riding holidays for riders of all standards. 

Andalucia is famous for its beautiful scenery, and beautiful horses – what a combination!  More than that, we are offering scenic beach rides, trail riding in Sierra Nevadas or  Almeria Granada, all just to get a taste of the magic of Andalucia!

Andalucia’s rich and romantic culture is difficult not to get caught up in, and you will want to soak up as much of this as you can whilst you are there.  Our holidays are designed specifically with this in mind, allowing you to get the most out of the horses and the wonderful world that is Andalucia, particularly visible through the vibrant Jerez

Experience The Magic Of Andalucia

If on your horse riding holiday you are looking to improve your skills on horseback to fit the elegant Andalucian style, then we can accommodate that, too.  Suitable for riders of all standards, Equestrian Escapes is delighted to offer you a broad range of fantastic Andalucian horse riding holidays, so get in touch today to book your dream holiday.

Take A Short Break & Visit Andalucia!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Beach Riding in Andalucia

Andalucia is a fairytale land for all horse lovers.  Etched deeply in Spain’s diverse culture is the famously elegant and beautiful, Spanish horse which played a large role in the Andalucian’s everyday lives.With such wonderful weather, Andalucia is sure to make your holiday memorable.  Equestrian Escapes can proudly present to you eleven Short Stay Horse Riding Holidays and nine Week Long Horse riding Holidays so that there will definitely be one to suit you.

Short stay holidays range from Beach Rides and Mountain Trails and even riding western-style in the desert!  Or for the more laid back person, perhaps visit the vigorous vineyards and really let your hair down.  What is so wonderful about Spain is the range of fun activities that you can get up to while you are away, just a handful being visiting Jerez and it’s Feria, or even Seville‘s Feria.  And if this possibly isn’t enough for you, there is always the incredible SICAB Exhibition in Seville, the most prestigious Spanish Horse Exhibition in the world!

The Beautiful Spanish Horses of Andalucis

To top all this off, we have a holiday for all standards of riding, and particularly large options for  beginners.  Take a look at our site for more information, or contact Equestrian Escapes.

Words From Eduardo

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Dear Equestrian Escapes,

I recently travelled to Slovenia and came across some horses that reminded me of a horse-riding holiday that I booked through you.  I went alone, to Barcelona and had the most wonderful time.  I remember especially that the horses were so healthy and well looked after, and Barcelona itself was so pretty.  I am currently travelling around Europe on business, but when I return I think I may just ring you to book a well-deserved horse-riding breakItaly, perhaps this time!  Or perhaps I should try something entirely different?  Maybe the side-saddle?…….

I look forward to speaking to you on my return,

Many thanks,

Eduardo (Horse Expert)

Equestrian Escapes’ Horse Riding Holidays

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Equestrian Escapes’ Horse Riding Holidays

If you are looking for a holiday that is a bit different, and carries with it a sense of adventure, why not book a horse riding holiday?  Equestrian Escapes offers a wide variety of horse riding holidays, from Peru and Spain, Portugal and Italy, to the Uk and Ireland.  You can even take your horses with you on holiday, and learn new tricks together.  You can design your own riding plan to suit you from lessons, short hacks, half day rides to full day rides.

Riding in Berkshire

Accommodation is also varied, from pretty little B&Bs, to log cabin, quiet country hotels, to luxurious full board hotels and spas.

Here at Equestrian Escapes we are happy to discuss your perfect holiday.

Equestrian Horse Riding Holiday

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

These four words are absolutely vital to our philosophy here at Equestrian Escapes. When we consider a new package, or putting a new destination onto our list of “To be scouted…” we ask ourselves a few questions to help determine whether it is suitable for our style. Our style of course being linked closely into our desired impact on the customer and the overall quality and delivery of the Equestrian Escapes product range.

Question number one.

Is is fit to be an Equestrian Escapes Horse Riding Holiday? Now by fit I mean does it tick those oh so necessary boxes that we know our customers need. Have we got those vital three C’s? Comfort, Culture and Climate. I heard you laugh! I’ll admit, we let our various England, Wales and Ireland venues slip under the bar with the weather reviews but this is for two very good reasons. One; we know our own land. Two; we have seen living testament over the past few decades to the amount of dedicated riders and horse lovers who are completely willing to brave gale force 27 winds and an icey bout of rain in England. And do you know why they do it? Simple. These people love their animals and these conditions only make you enjoy the good weather more. So needless to say, we launched our domestic range and it still is a smash hit. People love a good UK riding holiday. That’s the kind of holiday they want more often than not, given the current economical climate.

Question two.

When are we getting out to this new possible destination to have a thorough look at the available accommodation, riding centers and restaurants? We refuse to reccommed something to our customers unless we know it’s good. First hand sampling of all you will encounter, bar the unpredictable… for instance, no we did not test the air for possible traces of volcanic ash. Within reason, but with dedicated dilligance. That is how we always aim to operate when considering new destinations for your next horse riding holiday.

Question three. If we have aquired good answers to our first two questions then…

How soon can it be up on the website and available to you? How soon can it be ready? We want it sooner. The way we see this near final stage of the riding holiday process is that you could be going on your single holiday of the year in three weeks time. That’s right you, the customer. So what if you’d like to go to Madrid with your family of four this year on a riding holiday, you have already seen the standard we work at and would rather find yourself a new location than a different tour operator. That is customer loyalty, and that is what we strive to achieve. We want our relationships to strengthen over time with our customers. You should feel both confident and excited about your trip just knowing that Equestrian Escapes are the people who have been with you each step of the way. It is an Equestrian Escapes horse riding holiday and you should expect no less.

The Equestrian Escapes Logo

In the future, this will be further recognised as a symbol of honesty

Dear Sarah

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write to thank you for organising the most fabulous holiday for my husband, Ben and son, Oli.  It was a total and complete all-round success!  They both just loved it – I really can’t be sufficiently effusive or grateful. 

Of course, as you predicted, the highlight was Alfonso.  He was clearly charming – attentive, kind, enthusiastic and an expert with his horses.  Both boys raved about the riding and Alfonso’s skills.  He clearly looked after them well beyond what was expected. 

The hotel worked well and they both enjoyed being in Jerez and seeing the horses.

Thank you Sarah – it was a wonderful experience that I know Oli will remember all his life.

I’m just hoping to find an excuse to go myself as I’m hugely jealous!!

All the best,


That testimonial was recieved just today (21/4/10). It is an unprompted thankyou from yet another happy customer about the horse riding holiday she bought for her husband and son.

Lets get started on your tailor made trip, contact us.
Alternatively seek some riding holiday advice from our qualified staff.

Or just ring us at your leisure on: 01829 781 123

Summer Shudders

Monday, April 19th, 2010

What is it about the English as soon as the sun comes out?  They slap on their factor fifty, roll up their sleeves to reveal pale and pasty bingo wings, and get all excited about the countryside!

Well, that was me, except I got REALLY excited.  On a whim I took my wife’s laptop into the garden and started surfing the internet for horse riding holidays.  The web pages were endless and I didn’t know where to begin!  Being almost computer illiterate I looked for something respectable, easy and accommodating – and there it was; Equestrian Escapes.  As I navigated my way through their clearly thought out website looking at the endless opportunities I could embark on, imagining myself in these beautiful pictures, I breathed a sigh of relief as my face began to spread into a grin.

There was Andalucía.  And Seville it would be!  The idea of a horse-drawn carriage showing off the city of Seville to me was the real clincher.  But, the Spanish country home, the inviting olive groves, the Spanish food as well as beautiful beaches needed little persuasion.

I am booked to go in a couple of weeks, and cannot wait!  Equestrian Escapes made a holiday made just for me, and I was able to choose from their many luxurious choices in order to make a holiday perfect for me.  I’ll let you know how the tapas tasted!

Ron Howarth

A long baking road

Yet another stunning day in Seville, Andalucia

Ron kindly gave us this article after becoming aware of our blog here at Equestrian Vacations for Equestrian Escapes. Soon after he wrote this and emailed it to our staff (know how you can find on our Contact Us page) he phoned up and arranged a holiday, within two weeks he was sat in Andalucia eating tapas for lunch after a great mornings riding. Now that is a good example of what we at Equestrian Escapes aim to achieve when delivering fantastic landscapes and scenery to our beloved customers. We’re here for you.

Equestrian Escapes

Friday, January 29th, 2010
Another sun soaked day

Almeria coastline

With 2010 well underway and a wider list of destinations available for Portugal, Equestrian Escapes has embraced the new year. We have high hopes for the coming months, with plans to add a list of riding holidays and short breaks to France in the near future.

We still aim to deliver a tailor made experience, focused around riding, involving equestrian culture and breathtaking scenery. Our Riding Holidays have already won the acclaim of more than happy customers. Horse enthusiasts return time and time again to experience what they have already learnt to be a reliable source for new and exciting breaks, short trips and full blown holidays.

If you would like to plan a longer vacation abroad, we recommend adding two trips together and we will create a new combined itinerary just for you.  For example, take the Short Break Mountain Trial Ride in Spain. A four night, three day exploration through the forest tracks, ravines, valleys and bridle-paths of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And following straight after, either drive or take a two hour train to the Epona Equestrian centre near Jerez. The Epona Trail and Train Riding Holiday is a great chance to hone your skills in both riding and dressage. Remeber this is an example, you could switch these around, use completely different holidays, in different countries if you wished.

Check out our other recent news article on New Year Horse Riding News 2010

Mountain Trail Ride Spain

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Cantering along the very edge of a rocky ridge in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, I feel more emotionally free and physically vital than I have in months. My grin must be five miles wide and London seems a zillion miles away. I realise that I’ve really missed riding and hadn’t even been aware of it. Being in the mountains and riding along narrow tracks, with sheer drops inches from the horse’s hooves, and up very steep, incredibly rocky terrain intensifies all my senses. It also lends me a wider perspective – literally and metaphorically. I feel like a teenager at the best pony club camp in the world. Rock-climbing horses: who’d have thought it?

I am on a week-long horse riding adventure holiday in Andalucia and I’m having the time of my life with the sun on my back and a sturdy steed between my legs. It is day three of the stunning La Alpujarra trail ride arranged through . I can’t remember having this much good, clean fun since spending all day, every day at the stables messing about with my ponies as a young teenager. Horses, laughter, fantastic food and wine – all my favourite things, combined with the incredible mountain surroundings, make this one of the most exciting riding holidays I’ve ever been on.

Dallas, our guide – yes, it’s her real name – is exactly the kind of person you want heading up an expedition like this. Cool, calm and collected and a total dudette to boot, she has been guiding horse riding holidays on top-quality Spanish horses in La Alpujarra – the name given to the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada where she grew up – for more than two decades. I’ve done loads of riding over the years and I can unequivocally state that I’ve never seen a group of better-behaved or more impeccably schooled horses than these. The trip is not suitable for weak riders, the unfit or the especially faint-hearted.
Dallas’s brand of fun can be fast and furious and you must be able to control your horse at all paces, as well as walk while leading it for up to 30 minutes at a time over terrain too steep or rocky to ride on.
Our group of ten meet at a prearranged point in Malaga airport, ready for the two-and-a-half-hour transfer via air-conditioned minibus, away from the Costa del Sol and up into the mountains. With two men and eight women, the group is a very mixed bag as far as age, nationality and previous riding experience go, but the laughs are instantaneous as we share horse stories and discuss what we should expect from this trip.
We arrive in Bubión, a pretty, white-painted village perched high on the slopes of the beautiful Poqueira Ravine, and are shown to the Casa la Sevillana guest house. A comfortable, seven-bedroom rural bed and breakfast, it is popular with the many groups of walkers and mountain bikers who also visit the area. We meet Dallas for dinner at a restaurant down the road and dig into tapas, cervezas and some truly delicious local cuisine. The first night reminds me a bit of first nights at ski chalets. Everyone drinks too much over dinner and then gets stuck into the Amaretto. A few tall tales and unsuitable stories later and most of us are New Best Friends by the morning. I can tell already this is going to be a fantastic mountain trail riding holiday.

After a huge continental breakfast, we’re picked up and taken to Dallas’s stables ten minutes or so up the hill. The bus is uncharacteristically quiet as we all stare out of the window at the spectacular landscape and awe-inspiring scenery. I’ve never seen anything like it. A lot of people say that the real Spain is to be found in these mountains and I’m beginning to see why. This place is so far from Alicante and Torremolinos, it might as well be on Mars. It’s rural and peaceful and all the horses look so fit and happy that I can’t believe my sheer good fortune when we get to the stables.
I am allocated Laurel, an Andalusian gelding with a huge dappled bottom and the softest grey nose. I’m told he is ‘sensitive’ and that I should ‘ride him properly’. I can’t help but feel a tiny bit nervous. As the rest of the group are given their horses, we all mount up and get ready to go. Striding away from the stables, it is immediately evident that all these horses are fit, sure-footed and very responsive to the correct signals. Laurel is a real pleasure to ride. (In fact, by the end of the week, I am so seriously in love with Laurel that I try to talk Dallas into selling him. She won’t.) Who would of thought i would find love on a mountain trail ride in Spain.

We set off east, riding through an ancient land of pine forests and alpine meadows, wooded valleys and gorges. We take old bridle paths and steep inclines, trotting, cantering and hill climbing through Moorish terraces and chestnut groves. We stop for lunch, tie the horses to trees and sit down on a carpet of pine needles. Huge homegrown tomatoes and lettuces appear from saddle bags and are sliced up in front of us. Fantastic locally baked bread, cheese and olives are offered around. Chorizo and salami are laid out on a log. Olive oil, salt and a few bottles of red wine make an appearance.
It’s the ultimate picnic: horse blowing on my neck, beautiful mountain in front of me. A total dream of a riding holiday.
We climb and climb, until we reach the broad forest track which leads us to Trévelez, the highest village in Spain and famous for its cured hams and river trout. We’ve covered 26km today, a marathon that takes us about six hours. I feel slightly saddle-sore, but happy, as we lead our horses through narrow, winding streets. We arrive at the village stables, where we untack and give the horses a shower before settling them down for a well-earned rest. We’re expected to tack up and groom our horse every day, although assistance is available if required, and our luggage is taken ahead for us by one of the team.

We enjoy a few beers and a whole lot of tapas before spending the night at La Fragua, a family-run hotel situated in the old quarter of the village. The hotel is small but comfy, with fabulous views across the mountains from each of the south-facing bedrooms. I don’t know whether it’s the mountain air, the exercise, the wine or the great beds, but I sleep like the dead every night and am ravenous for breakfast each morning.
After a brilliant evening spent squealing with laughter (this is a very sociable horse riding holiday and the hilarity never stops) in a cosy restaurant serving great local food, complete with hanging hams, we collect our horses and set off up a very steep and rocky path. I realise halfway through that I suffer slightly from vertigo. Mountains not being my natural habitat, I’ve never noticed it before. There’s nothing to be done, except carry on and put my total faith in Laurel. This is when I realise just how good these horses are – not one of them puts a foot wrong. We have another fabulous picnic lunch en route and then begin the rough descent into Bérchules, where we spend two nights in the lovely Hotel Los Bérchules. Its incredible chef serves up delicious pork tenderloin one night and grouper with garlic and chilli the next. Aside from lovely rooms, the rustic hotel has a wide terrace with terrific views across the Bérchules valley and a garden with a pool. Perfect for relaxation after a long day in the saddle on this riding holiday.
Bérchules takes its name from the old Spanish word berchel, meaning ‘mountain garden’.
On the fourth day, we follow ancient Moorish bridle paths through terraced orchards and
fields before stopping for lunch by a river. We return to the village along one of the Sierra’s wide forest tracks; cantering more than on any other day, we cover an astonishing 38km in about seven hours. These horses are beyond fit and I’m beginning to feel more toned and healthy myself.

Leaving Bérchules, we descend to the river Guadalfeo and head west back to the village of Trévelez. The landscape changes abruptly as we leave the alpine-like Sierras behind and ride through terraces of olive, almond and fig trees. After lunch the path commences the gradual descent towards Trévelez and we dismount to lead the horses for about 40 minutes as we approach the ancient village from the other side.
Day six is a shorter ride. We take a forest track through pine and oak woods back to the stables. The views across the Contraviesa mountains and the Mediterranean beyond are breathtaking. We have a late lunch in a restaurant in Capileira and spend the rest of the day exploring the village before heading back to our original home from home – the Casa La Sevillana in Bubion. Dinner is not included this evening, so a few of us head out for yet another raucous meal in a local restaurant. Jamón serrano, fat olives, fresh anchovies and calamari, marinated pork, steaks, shoulder of lamb, grouper roasted with chilli and garlic, pork tenderloin, and cheese of all kinds. We don’t have one bad meal the entire week.

On our last riding day, we set off from the stables to explore the more inaccessible parts of the Poqueira valley. The Mulhacen – the highest mountain in Spain – forms the backdrop as we canter through wisps of cloud, the scent of pine heavy in the air. This valley is claimed to be the most beautiful in La Alpujarra and I don’t think I’m the only one with tears in her eyes as we say goodbye to our horses. It has been the most intense week of physical activity, social bonding and great thinking time. None of us want to leave.
The morning after I get back, I wake disoriented from a dream in which I am cantering up a dusty track towards a bright, white-painted village in the Sierra Nevada. The blissed-out grin on my face vanishes, as I realise the click-clacking is actually the sound of my upstairs neighbours stomping about on their wooden floor. I lie in bed, pine for my horse and long for the mountains. I feel really quite sad, full of nostalgia for the scent of thyme and mint crushed underfoot and the softness of Laurel’s nose. One thing’s for sure: I haven’t had such a blast of a week in a very long time. I’m booking another horse riding holiday very soon.
This spectacular horse riding holiday can be booked through Equestrian Escapes (, which also offers a selection of other great riding holidays around the world for all riding abilities.

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