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Riding Holidays in Cornwall

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Canter down the beautiful beaches of Cornwall

Canter down the beautiful beaches of Cornwall

Never underestimate the qualities presented in abundance by the Cornish coast. One of my personal favourites, that is of places to enjoy a fine riding holiday. This is truely one of the great English sites designed by god for horse riding. I find the drumming of the hoofs on the soft wet sand as I ride down the beach a really unique experience. I have been riding for many years and I have gone riding all over the globe. I have a long list of horse experiences, many equestrian adventures, and still hold that initial passion discovered when young, that has kept me close to my horses and even closer to the art of horse riding. Horse riding holidays today are something I could never have imagined when I was a child. You can travel all over the world, and ride horses where ever you wish! Equestrian vacations have varied in size and shape and in pretty much every aspect. All this whilst the prices for these horse riding holidays and horse themed breaks has decreased.

Over the years the availability, competition and sheer size of the business’ involved has doubled and tripled again. There is a huge market, and why? Because horse fanatics have stood by their equestrian friends over the years and let them be a substantial part of both our economy, and our leisure and retail industries. Horses have appeared galloping in movies since the early films produced by the Lumiere brothers way back in the early twentieth century. America was built on horseback and countries all over the world have enjoyed and relied on these equestrian beauties gracing our planet throughout our long and accomplished history. Horse riding today is very much so, if not more appreciated than ever before. And with animal cruelty laws and equestrian protection agencies being manned and set up all over, we have proven our ability to treat them fairly and provide them with rules and laws designed specificly to protect them. And in some less desirable parts of the past humans have payed a just and heavy price for misconduct in their care of horses.

Anyway, enough tangents involving the fruitful history of the horse. I speak to you today about a certain riding holiday in Cornwall. Riding holidays in Cornwall never fail to impress, especially this holiday. If you book a trip down to the coast and spend time on horseback riding down the beaches you will aquire some fond memories, see some fantastic sights, beautiful scenery and of course… ride a horse!

Cornwall Riding Holiday

Day one, arrive and settle into your fantastic accomodation. You may have decided to stay in luxury or in a traditional English cottage, depending on the options for the holiday you have chosen. Equestrian Escapes often gets complimented by its customers on our choice of accomodation on their behalf. This will play base for your holiday in Cornwall, and from here you can venture out and inspect the beautiful scenery of Cornwall. During the holiday you should check out the thatched pub down the road, it serves a range of traditional ales which should definately be tried whilst on holiday in a different part of the country from your own.

Day two, visit the historic Mullion Cove harbour after your assesment and first lesson or hack. This is a great chance to learn a bit about Cornwall. Don’t miss the oppourtunity, you won’t not on holiday in Cornwall often, unless you are a regular admirer.

On day three you will be presented with a choice, flat work, show jumping, or cross country. I know which way I would be heading! I have always been more of a fan of cross-country. I find it is usually the best way to see the area. But this is your horse holiday! So you choose what you will enjoy and go ride a Cornish horse where you desire to go! Horses in this area tend to be well mannered, they are chosen for their characteristics and friendliness.

A Cornish horse

A Cornish horse

Days four to seven hold various activities, rides out, and locations. You depart on the eighth day This is the itinerary for the week long, Horse Riding Holidays Cornwall. You can specify everything in an Equestrian Escapes’ Riding Holiday. Check out another article on equestrian vacations.

What riding clothes to wear on my riding holiday?

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I think Winter is definitely nearly here, everyone is starting to talk about the dark nights and cold wet weather. Lots of people are thinking about where they are going on holiday and when and if they are going on a riding holiday they need to know what riding gear they need.

This week i have had a number of people enquiring about what specialist riding clothes they need to be packing for their riding holidays and if they haven’t got them already they have added ‘clothes for riding’ onto their Christmas lists,(husbands, boyfriends and parents please take notes!)

The most important things are to be safe and comfortable in your riding clothes. When travelling to warmer destinations for your riding holiday we recommend that natural fabrics like cotton are always the best riding kit. For riding, nothing beats the comfort and protection of breeches or jodphurs but if you don’t already own a pair, cotton trousers or leggings are ok. Tops should offer some protection from the sun and low hanging branches on the trail rides. If you are travelling in the Winter or cooler months it is good to bring tops that you can wear in layers depending on the temperature. Short boots with a small heal are suitable footwear and a lightweight waterproof coat just in case! Some people also find it is useful to have a lightweight pair of riding gloves to protect their hands.

If you are thinking of purchasing riding clothes for your riding holiday there are plenty of places to go depending on your budget. To get a good idea of what riding clothes are available i suggest you have a look on the internet first. This is also a good place to find a local tack shop which sells riding clothes too. When buying jodphurs or riding boots it’s always good to try on a few different makes and styles to see which ones you find most comfortable. There are lots of different colours and shapes of equestrian clothes to suit all tastes, the only problem will be choosing which horse clothes you need now!

For more riding holiday travel tips please see the Equestrian Escapes web site

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