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Escape to Andalucia

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

When booking a holiday to Malaga I struggled to shake images of booze addled Brits staggering half naked from bar to beach leaving behind a trail of cigarette butts and towels with union Jacks on them.  All it took to convince me that Malaga had shaken off this awful stigma was the taxi ride from the airport. I was delighted by the combination of a friendly taxi driver and endless mountains and valleys which punctuated my journey, reassuring me that this place was a far cry from the Costa Del Sol of the 90’s.
Our accommodation was absolutely beautiful. We were greeted by welcoming staff and ushered into spacious, contemporary bedrooms which were decadently furnished. Thoroughly exhausted from my travels I took a quick supper whilst lounging on our outside terrace and bid the other guests good night.

The quality of the riding the following morning (and afternoon, and every other day, come to think about it) was absolutely uncompromised. I was able to greatly improve my riding technique during our lessons and then spend the afternoon whiling away the hours enjoying relaxing treks through mountains, valleys and alongside awe inspiring lakes. By the end of the week I was even ready to engage in one of the adrenaline inspired canters through the countryside that I had previously only managed to spectate, with a mixture of jealousy and apprehension.

By the end of the week I felt that I was just about settled in to Malaga life and I was in no way ready to leave, so I decided to extend my stay by an extra night. This proved not to be enough, so to my accountants dismay I booked myself in for another week near enough the moment I stepped through the threshold of my home back in the UK.

For more information regarding our holidays to Andalucia call Sarah on 01829 781123.

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