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New addition to the EE family!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Well we are proud to announce that Fantail, our brood mare at Equestrian Escapes, has produced yet another summer time foal for us to enjoy. But this time (4th time lucky) it’s a filly! We are over the moon!

Our gorgeous baby girl is yet to be named but she is proving to be an absolute character with her super long legs, big ears and adorable little white socks. She loves nothing more than sunbathing in the arena, nibbling the show jumps and drinking plenty of milk from her doting mum. Nessa, Bella, Julio and Alfonso peer inquisitively over the fences and hedge rows at the new addition who they are yet to formally meet, baby can’t wait though, she loves prancing around in front of them all – such a show off!

Maybe you’ll be able to meet her if you come and see us in Cheshire. We will take you riding around Delamere Forest and if your good enough Kelsall Hill Farm Ride.

Get in touch on 01829 781123

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