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Limited availability for summer!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Equestrian Escapes are now completely fully booked in Cheshire until the beginning of September and have been since the start of July! As this is our home base and we know the area so well  it is very easy to advise our customers to come here. We recently had Sarah and Jane staying with us in a self catering cottage, this is what they had to say – “The riding was exceptional.  A very friendly and professional set up.  The horses were outstanding.  We were allocated our horses after an initial assessment of our riding ability (very informal and fun), the horses we were given matched our personalities and skills absolutely spot on.  I was very sad to say good bye at the end of the trip.  My riding has improved 100% since this trip and my tutor at home was amazed. I have already recommended this holiday to friends.” Sarah and Jane have already booked to come back again this year and one of the other reasons we fill up so quickly is due to repeat custom!

If you had your heart set on a Cheshire break this August dont worry we have a selection of equally exceptional short breaks for you to enjoy by your self, as a couple or why not bring the whole family and the dog?!

North Devon is one of my favourites, here we work with a selection of hand picked B&Bs, a boutique hotel and spa hotel, all within walking distance of the village and stables. We can also offer self catering for families. The riding is superb, we combine a mixture of lessons, National Park hacks, beach rides and pony days for the children.

North Wales has really become very popular this summer especially with Cheshire being full. It is very easily accessible for people coming from the North West and is only 40 minutes from Chester. The riding facilities here are brilliant and the stables even have their own tack shop! If you are looking for something extra special enquire about availability in the Manor House..very romantic..

Shropshire is one of the packages that seems to slip under the radar but every single person that stays and rides there has the most amazing time, just read what Rebecca had to say when she stayed in June – “I loved the whole experience…the riding, my hosts and exploring the Shropshire area (so many lovely food places!) It was made particularly special because of the warm welcome we received by Lucia and Perkin, I can’t emphasise enough how friendly the welcome was which immediately made us both feel at ease in their home. Their recommendations for places to go and good restaurants really helped us make the most of our time in Shropshire.”

So if you are struggling with ideas for this summer holiday phone Sarah, Lindsey or Lou on 01829 781123 and we will be happy to advise the most suitable holiday for you.

Tack Guru – New Product Review Site Makes Comparison Shopping for Equestrians Easier Than Ever Before

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 is a new product review website developed for equestrians. The site allows horse owners to read about the experiences (good and bad) that other knowledgeable equestrians have had with the products they want to buy or try. The site includes reviews for tack, horse clothing, equine feeds, stable supplies, supplements, and equestrian clothing and equipment.

“In today’s tight economy every purchase that you make for your horse undergoes extra scrutiny,” explained site developer Liz Goldsmith. “If I want to buy a saddle, or try a supplement or medication, or buy a helmet, I find it very helpful to read about others’ experiences. When I looked for a site that offered this type of information, I couldn’t find anything that was like I envisioned. Either the scope was limited or the reviews were on manufacturers or tack store sites, which might be biased.

“Research shows that user reviews have the greatest influence in a buying decision,” she continued. “People value the opinions of their peers even more than single reviews by ‘experts.’ That makes quite a bit of sense because with items such a saddles, personal preference plays a large role in someone’s satisfaction.”

Goldsmith spent more than a year researching review sites and thinking about how she could make a site that offered a unique perspective. “I looked at review sites across many different industries and cherry picked the features that I thought were most compelling,” she explained. “I also found that people on equine forums would ask for opinions on different products and I thought it would be so much more helpful if this information was organized in a way that was more accessible – easier to find, listed in one place, and with an aggregate rating.”

As a result of her research, features:

  • Rated user reviews that provide both individual comments and an overall ranking. It was important to her that you could see an aggregate “score” that spans multiple reviews.
  • A format that combines multiple reviews in a single location. She didn’t want people to have to keep “clicking” to read more reviews.
  • A broad scope of products. Rather than just focus on tack, she wanted to create a single source for the full range of products that equestrians use and need. The site addresses feeds, supplements, stable supplies, blankets, tack, equestrian clothing and even provides a place to rank on-line suppliers. is free to use but requires registration. “I have found that when people must register, the quality of their reviews is higher because the authors have some accountability,” said Goldsmith. “In addition, when you find a reviewer whose views you agree with, you want to find other products they liked or disliked.” She explained that “The site was in beta testing for several months last year and I was very impressed by the insights offered by reviewers. This is a sport where the users have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.” is physically located in Lincoln, Mass.  Site owner and developer Elizabeth Goldsmith is a life-long equestrian who has tried many of the products reviewed in the site. She encourages all equestrians to share their opinions on the products they have tried.

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